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Aquamatic Valve Osmonic V42 Series

The AquaMatic V42 Series valves are constructed of cast iron and are designed for air and water applications. A separate control chamber protects the diaphragm from line fluid and extends cycle life. Reinforced diaphragm of Buna N or Viton** materials are pre-formed and stress relieved to maximize responsiveness and product life. The valve is highly serviceable even while in line. A variety of options are available such as spring-assist open, spring assist closed, flow control limit stop, normally closed, poppet position indicator, and high temperature EP or Viton** seals.

We provide the following products :


  • Aquamatic Valve Osmonic V421,1.00 NPT CI NO : 1070011
  • Aquamatic Valve Osmonic V424,1.00 NPT CI NO : 1070025
  • Aquamatic Valve Osmonic V426,2.00 NPT CI NO : 1070041
  • Aquamatic Valve Osmonic V424,1.50 NPT CI NO : 1070026
  • Aquamatic Valve Osmonic V464,1.50 ASTM,SS NO : 1236730
  • Aquamatic Valve Osmonic V464,1.50 ASTM,SS NC NO : 3005699
  • Aquamatic Valve Osmonic V461,1.00 ASTM,SS NC NO : 3005698