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AquaSorb 5000

Granular activated carbon

AquaSorb® 5000 is a high activity activated carbon manufactured from select grades of coal. This material has a predominantly macroporous structure for efficient diffusion and effective adsorption of high molecular weight organic substances in municipal water treatment applications. The activation process produces an adsorbent with a pore size distribution specifically designed for the optimum removal of color, taste, and odor compounds from drinking water.



Iodine number min. 1100 mg/g
Moisture content (as packed) max. 5%
Mesh Size:  
8x30, US sieve  
> 5 mesh max. 5%
< 30 mesh max. 5%
12x40, US sieve  
> 12mesh max. 5%
< 40 mesh max. 5%


Features and Benefits

  • High activity adsorbent
  • Predominately macroporous
  • Strictly controlled particle size
  • High removal efficiency for humic acids and tannins


Typical Applications

  • Municipal drinking water


Certifications and Approvals

  • NSF/ANSI Standard 61
  • AWWA
  • EN12915


Standard Packaging

  • 17.5 kg (38.5 lb) bags
  • 350 kg (770 lb) bulk bags