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GoldSorb 4500

Granular coconut shell based activated carbon

GoldSorb® 4500 is a medium activity granular activated carbon manufactured by steam activation from carefully selected coconut shell charcoal. It is ideally suited for the recovery of precious metals in all forms of contactors providing good adsorption and elution characteristics. GoldSorb® 4500 exhibits maximum product hardness and this results in a high resistance to attrition contributing to lower gold losses in the circuit. Furthermore, during regeneration, GoldSorb® 4500 produces fewer fines which require disposal and ensures a minimal requirement for make-up carbon from inventory stock.



CTC activity min. 45%
Total ash content max. 4%
Moisture content max. 5%
Apparent density 480 - 550 kg/m³
Hardness min. 99%
Platelets (A.A.R.L.) max. 7%
Attrition (A.A.R.L.) max. 2%
Mean particle diameter (6x12 mesh) min. 2.48 mm

Typical Properties

Surface area 1000 m²/g
K value 26 kg/tonne
R value 50


Features and Benfits

  • Selected raw material
  • Optimized activity
  • Optimum pore structure
  • Maximum hardness and abrasion resistance
  • Rigorously de-dusted
  • Low platelet content
  • Optimum rates of gold loading and elution
  • Economical operation
  • Low circuit losses, low make-up requirement
  • Clean handling during contactor loading

Typical Applications

  • Carbon-in-pulp (CIP) circuits
  • Carbon-in-leach (CIL) circuits
  • Carbon-column (CIC) processes
  • Silver recovery from photographic wastes
  • Reworking of ore spoil tips

Available Particle Sizes

  • 6x12 mesh (1.70 - 3.35 mm)
  • 6x16 mesh (1.18 - 3.35 mm)
  • 8x16 mesh (1.18 - 2.36 mm)
  • 12x30 mesh (0.60 - 1.70 mm)

Standard Packaging

  • 25 kg bag (55 lb)
  • 500 kg bulk bag (1100 lb)