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Hach LDO

The HQDBOD system combines the HQ40d Digital Multi-Parameter Meter, the new LBOD101 IntelliCAL Probe, a meter stand, and power and USB cables for laboratory use.

The HQ40d Digital Multi-Parameter Meter offers true Plug and Play operation with IntelliCAL pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen (LDO) probes. Plug in any two IntelliCAL probes and get simultaneous measurement, simultaneous readout!


The LBOD101 Probe is the latest embodiment of Hach's patented Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen (LDO®) technology. The LDO technology is now available with an integrated stirrer for use in BOD5 testing applications. The LBOD101 probe is used for initial and final dissolved oxygen measurements, which leverages the LDO technology to eliminate many BOD testing concerns by providing:


Confidence in Results:
Improved confidence in the BOD5 testing procedure by reducing variance and maintenance while increasing stability, accuracy, precision, and efficiency (tests per unit time
US EPA Federal Approval (Check for State approval)


Ease of Use:
No membranes to foul or replace. Fast, reliable 2- point calibration, stabilization


Low Maintenance:
No membranes - lower cost of ownership, easier to maintain, no degrading performance, no questions about accuracy
Quicker stabilization and calibration


System Includes:
HQ40d Dual Input Meter (Part Number - HQ40D)
LBOD IntelliCAL (TM) Probe for BOD (Part Number - LBOD10101)
Meter Stand (Part Number - 4754900)