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Multi-Channel Analyzer/Transmitter
THORNTON 770MAX Multiparameter Analyzer/Transmitters with Smart Sensor Technology allow monitoring 6 channels of conductivity, resistivity, pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, ozone, TOC, flow, temperature, pressure, and level.

Features and Benefits
A true multiparameter analyzer/transmitter, the 770MAX provides concurrent monitoring of as many as six individual sensors and transmits analog and digital data to system controllers and data acquisition systems. Capabilities include:

6 Sensor Inputs (4 Smart Sensors, 2 Pulse Flow) Up to 16 Measurements, 4 or 8 Analog Outputs (0/4-20mA), RS232 Serial Output, 4 Relays (optional)

770MAX accepts input from eight sensor-types from which it computes values in any of 35 different units. This extensive variety is supported by a multi-line scrolling display and the instrument's "custom names" feature, which allows labeling of each measurement.

Convenient & Compact:
770MAX was designed from the bottom up for simplified specification, installation, startup, calibration, operation and maintenance. This design includes:

Smart Sensors for automated start up, plug-in connectors for all inputs & outputs, universal power supply: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, or 20-32 VDC, single 1/4 DIN case that houses all options, sealed rear cover accessory, automatic calibrator accessory.

The 770MAX utilizes patented Smart Sensor technology. Every Thornton Smart Sensor contains a non-volatile memory chip (NVRAM) embedded in its electronic circuitry which stores identification and calibration information specific to that sensor.

Upon connecting a Smart Sensor to a 770MAX, the instrument automatically recognizes its type and becomes the "meter" for that parameter. The sensor is ready to transmit data from the fluid system to the MAX for processing.

A specific example of Thornton 's commitment to accuracy is the instrument's industry-leading 4-wire resistivity measurement technology, which delivers the highest accuracy and lowest limit of contamination detection. The 770MAX achieves this level of performance through unique sensor calibration techniques in its manufacturing process and cutting-edge temperature compensation methods.

To maintain high accuracy performance and meet QA requirements, the optional 1875 770MAX Calibrator verifies and calibrates all measurement ranges with NIST traceability.

Connect the calibrator's cable to the sensor port on the back panel of a 770MAX, and then, with just the push of a button, calibrate or verify that channel. As information is transmitted and received, an internal clock automatically assigns time and date values to the data. The 770MAX Calibrator retains 20 channels of data in its re-writable memory for eventual downloading and printing of calibration certificates.

For verification or calibration of in-line sensors and meters, the 1885 Calibration System is especially convenient. It includes a 770MAX instrument, conductivity sensor with flow chamber, 1875 Smart Calibrator and carrying case, with full calibration documentation.

770MAX measures from six sensors and transmits analog and digital data for control and data aquisition.