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UF Membrane

UF Membrane

Detailed Product Description

UF1I In-Pressure Module

Type Size (D*L) (mm) Membrane Area (m2)

Test Water Flux≥(L/h. 250.1Mpa purewater)

Feed Water Pressure (Mpa) Operating Temperature PH Weight (Kg)
UF1IB9L 900*1000 7 800 ≤0.3 5-45 2-13 5.5
UF1IB125L 125*1092 15 1600 12.5
UF1IB160L 160*1100 30 3000 22.5


The Main Technical Index of Standard UF Membrane Module

Item UF1I
Product Water Turbidity 0.1NTU
Bacteria Removal 4log
Type Inside Filtration
Membrane Polymer PS