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Housing Codeline Model 40A30-3 Membranes

The 40A Series Fiberglass RO/UF Pressure Vessel is designed for continous, long-term use as a housing for reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration elements in typical industrial water treatment systems at pressures of 300, 450 & 600 psi. the 40A Series is designed to accomodate any make of 4-inch nominal diameterelement. The fiberglassshell can be damaged by rigid clamping, impact, scratches or abrasion. Metal parts must be maintained free of corrosion to eliminate potentially unsafe conditions due to corrosion. The information and guidelines incorporated in this User's Guide are intended only as a supplement to good industrial practice. Full responsibility for correct operation and maintenance of vessel remains with the user.This guide should be used in conjunction with respective engineering drawings.When properly installed and maintained, the 40A Series vessels can be expected to provide safe operation over a long service life.

 Models: 40A60


  • Side Entry Design
  • Available in pressure rating of 300psi, 450psi & 600psi
  • Can accommodate any standard make of 4” Membrane Element


Ultrapure/Sanitary Application: 40A comes with a specially designed 3-A style sanitary connection (optional).


Key Features


  • Mirror finish I.D for easy & quick loading & unloading of membranes.
  • Multi-Porting option for connecting vessels to each other.
  • High operating temperature upto 176˚F.
  • Quick lock head retention system for quick access to membranes.
  • Exteriors coated with high gloss polyurethane paint for UV resistance.
  • Compact design for use in compact & low energy desalinators.
  • All components of the shell & head are constructed from materials that are FDA / NSF listed.
  • ASME compliant & CE marking.




Model # of Elements Operating Pressure Max. Operating Temperature Qualification Pressure
40A60 1-6 600 psi / 41 bar 176˚F / 80˚C 3600 psi / 248 bar